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Radio Cab Goes Green
Taking a leadership role in conservation, Portland driver-owned Radio Cab Taxi Service is not waiting for green incentives from Washington, DC or Detroit.
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PORTLAND, Oregon (March 31, 2009)
- Radio Cab Company, Portland’s largest locally-owned taxi company, which includes nearly 200 vehicles and 500 drivers, is taking the initiative in sustainable business practices. In February, they became the first private-for-hire transportation service in Greater Portland to enroll in PGE’s Green Source renewable option, allowing Radio Cab’s 99-year-old garage at 1613 NW Kearney to receive 100% of its electricity from wind power.

Enrolling in a renewable energy program was the first step toward accomplishing a series of goals set by the recently formed Green Team. In October 2008, Bert Fox, a member of the Radio Cab Board of Directors, attended the Portland Sustainability Go Green Conference. He immediately formed a Green Team to raise awareness within the company and to tackle this very complex issue.
Radio Cab Specials
Going to the airport from Tri-Mets fareless square? Call Radio Cab for you and your party, up to 4 people total, to ride to the airport in relaxed comfort. Radio Flyer Coupon click here.

No last minute full parking lots to worry about. No walking for miles through endless parking lots. 

We will chauffeur you right to the front door. And best of all, it's only $31.00 going to PDX and $33.50 returning.Taking advantage of the Radio Flyer is easy. 

1) Print out the "Radio Cab Flyer" on your printer. 

2) Call the dispatchers at 503-227-1212 and tell them you want a Radio Flyer to the airport. Give them your downtown location. They will send a friendly, courteous driver with a clean late model cab right to your door.

If you have any questions, contact the dispatch office, they will be happy to help you. 503-227-1212

For a map of the Radio Cab/PDX Airport pickup area click here.

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